Range Policy

Store Policy


To rent a firearm you must meet one of the following:

  • Active Police, 235, or Military, with proper ID

  • Lesson taken at our facility, with a satisfactory evaluation

  • 10 or more visits in the past 6 months, must have their own customer history

***In addition, demonstrate loading and unloading procedures with the firearm being rented***

This policy is strictly enforced and applies to members or non-members

Rental policy is per person. Members, guest, or any other person (second party) in your group that does not meet the above 3 criteria as well as demonstrating loading and unloading procedures will not be able to operate the rented firearm. A lesson will be offered at a discounted rate to any second party.

Rental Policy After a Satisfactory Lesson has been taken:

Must demonstrate how to make a firearm safe and demonstrate unloading procedure. If the customer does not have any returning vists within 6 months from the date of the lesson, the lesson history will be invaild.

Membership-Range fees

Club members

  • Memberships are active at time of purchase, and valid for one year. Memberships are non-refundable and are issued to only one individual.

  • Club members are required to purchase range ammo. as a courtesy, store managers may make an exception upon request.

  • Club members can bring their own ammo and pay a $10.00 fee

  • Club or VIP members guest pay a $5.00 guest fee when buying store ammo or a $15.00 guest fee to bring their own. Guest may share purchased ammo at no additional fee.

  • Club or VIP members receive a free target with each box of ammo purchased.

  • Non member range fee- $25.00 per person for the entire day.

Memberships will be revoked for any safety violations. A pro-rated refund will be issued