Act 235 Course Breakdown

Basic Training Course

Academic Module, Total hours = 26

I. Course Administration, 4 hours

II. General Principles, 18 Hours

A. Legal Authority
B. Constitutional Restrictions
C. Principles of Justification
D. Pennsylvania Crimes Code
E. Limited Authority
F. Incident Investigation and Reporting
G. Testifying in Court

III. Skills Training, 4 Hours

A. Armed and Unarmed Defense (explanation, demonstration, and practice)

Firearms Module, Total Hours = 14

I. Introduction to Firearms, 2 hours

II. Handgun Familiarization, 5 Hours

III. Introduction to Combat Shooting, 2 hours

IV. Handgun Combat Shooting Qualification, 3 Hours

H.R.218 Class

*Pre-Registration is Required with a Valid ID*
$65 Per Person
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Renewal Training Course

Academic Renewal Module, Total Hours = 3

I. Pennsylvania Crimes Code

II. Limits of Authority

III. Justification

IV. Examination

Firearms Renewal Module, Total Hours = 5

I. Handgun Combat Shooting – Familiarization

II. Shotgun Introduction and Familiarization